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Hawaii Economic Development Boards

The Hawaii Economic Development Boards (HEDB) are an excellent first stop resource in gathering pertinent and valuable information, contacts and resources for prospective renewable energy companies seeking successful establishment in Hawaii.

The HEDB’s efforts support a healthy economy in the state by advocating the growth, retention and recruitment of businesses that support jobs in Hawaii. These organizations are also actively involved in infrastructure, planning, and workforce development to build the foundation for a prosperous economy.

Among the other initiatives listed, these boards seek the following as illustrated by Enterprise Honolulu, Oahu’s economic development board:

1. Retention of existing businesses in Hawaii and assist in their health and where possible, expansion.

2. Attraction of new high value businesses to Hawaii, including the growth of knowledge based companies.

3. Facilitation of progress on such infrastructure and planing issues that involve land, water and permitting in order to move the state towards energy independence and food independence.

4. Participation with other organizations in workforce development planning to ensure that Hawaii residents have the skills necessary to compete in a global economy.

Hawaii Economic Development Boards listed by county:

Hawaii Island Economic Development Board

Kauai Economic Development Board

Maui Economic Development Board

Enterprise Honolulu, Oahu Economic Development Board


Self-Help Energy Suite

Renewable EnerGIS Map
This tool provides renewable energy resource and site information for specific Hawaii locations.  It is intended to help landowners, developers, and policy makers understand the renewable energy potential of sites statewide.

Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard
The Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard tool was developed to help those proposing renewable energy projects understand the county, state, and federal permits that may be required for their individual project. This tool works for projects ranging in size from residential solar installations to large utility-scale facilities.

Hawaii Renewable Energy Projects Directory
The islands of Hawaii have abundant natural resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, and hydropower. These precious resources could potentially meet a substantial portion of Hawaii’s energy needs. Use this interactive directory to find and learn about renewable energy projects in Hawaii.


Starting an energy project and need assistance? Complete this questionnaire.



Important Notice:
Please note that the listings, the associations and contacts herein are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to be all inclusive. The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism does not endorse or certify the individuals, firms or businesses on these lists. If you are a firm that engages in the specialization of commercial scale renewable energy project development, finance, consulting or investment services, and wishes be to added to the content found in these following summary pages, we welcome you to contact us and provide your information for listing.  Please contact Cameron Black at