Hawaii in 2030 and 2045: Energy, Economy, and Environment

Hawaii State Energy Office administrator, Carilyn Shon, moderated a panel session at the 2018 VERGE Hawaii summit titled, Hawaii in 2030 and 2045: Energy, Economy, and Environment. The panel explored Hawaii’s clean energy goals set for 2030 and 2045. What will Hawaii be like at these two milestone dates?  Presentations covered energy, population, the economy; fossil fuel impacts on electricity and marine transportation; environmental and economic implications (bridging the gap between science and policy to improve coastal zone management in Hawaii in 2030 and 2045).

Panelists included:

  • Shasha Fesharaki, Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director, FGE Hawaii
  • Dr. Eugene Tian, Economic Research Administrator, DBEDT
  • Dr. Brad Romine, coastal geologist and coastal management specialist with the University of Hawaii and the Department of Land and Natural Resources

Presentation: Shasha Fesharaki

Presentation: Dr. Eugene Tian

Presentation: Dr. Brad Romine