HSEO 2022 Legislative Testimony

The Hawaii State Energy Office engages on all relevant legislative and policy issues during the session. This page displays testimony and comments filed in advance of the hearing date. Please check back often for updates.

Measure Title Hearing Committee Hearing Date
SB 2196 Support Relating to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations EET-TRS 2/7/22
SB 2721 Comments Relating to Energy Tax EET-TRS 2/7/22
SB 2543 Support Relating to Sustainable Schools EDU-AEN 2/7/22
SB 3337 Support Relating to the Economy EET 2/4/22
SB 2865 Support Relating to the Issuance of Special Revenue Bonds to Assist Dibshawaii, LLC EET 2/4/22
SB 3311 Support Relating to Transportation TRS 2/3/22
HB 1747 Comments in Consideration of the State Building Code Council CPC 2/3/22
HB 2120 Support Relating to Emergency Management PDP 2/3/22
HB 2119 Support Relating to Emergency Management PDP 2/3/22
HB 2002 Support Relating to Taxation ECD 2/2/22
HB 1809 Support Relating to Taxation EEP 2/1/22
HB 1808 Comments in Consideration of Geothermal Royalties EEP 2/1/22
HB 1807 Comments in Consideration of Energy Interconnection EEP 2/1/22
HB 1801 Support Relating to Energy Efficiency EEP 2/1/22
HB 1800 Support Relating to Climate Mitigation EEP 2/1/22
HB 1637 Support Relating to Renewable Energy EEP 2/1/22
HB 1595 Comments in Consideration of Energy EEP 2/1/22
HB 1524 Support Relating to Energy Resources EEP 2/1/22
HB 1668 Support Relating to Soil Classifications WAL 2/1/22
SB 3057 Support Relating to Renewable Portfolio Standards EET 1/31/22
SB 2474 Comments in Consideration of Renewable Energy EET 1/31/22
SB 2511 Comments in Consideration of Taxation EET 1/31/22
SB 2478 Support Relating to Taxation EET 1/31/22
SB 2570 Support Relating to Zero Emission Vehicle Fueling Rebates EET 1/31/22
SB 2283  Comments in Consideration of Hydrogen Strategic Plan EET 1/31/22
SB 2662 Comments Related to Biofuels AEN 1/31/22