Hawaii’s unique location and abundant resources amount to the ideal proving ground for clean energy innovation, making us an international testbed for promising clean and reliable technologies. Entrepreneurs, driven by passion and powered by ingenuity, are helping to secure Hawaii’s energy future by developing innovative technologies that can be deployed in communities statewide.

To help maximize this potential, the Hawaii State Energy Office is providing developers and investors with important technical assistance, permitting tools and local connections to accelerate a project’s journey to the marketplace, where the rewards will be felt statewide.  Visit the Developer & Investor Center to start a clean energy venture in Hawaii.

Current testbed projects happening in Hawaii include:

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority photoThe NNelha2atural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) is a state agency that operates a unique and innovative ocean science and technology park in Kailua-Kona on the island of Hawaii. Strategically located at Keahole Point next to the Kona International Airport and adjacent to one of the steepest bathymetric offshore slopes in the Hawaiian Islands, NELHA offers an incredible combination of assets in one location.

Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park (HOST Park) is where sustainable industries use sunshine, seawater and ingenuity.  Hawaii’s innovative green economic development park plays a significant role in Hawaii’s growth in ocean energy technologies and sustainable development. HOST Park’s applied energy zone houses enterprises that test renewable energy technologies on the cusp of commercialization. Activities at the park fulfill statewide priorities and complement the visitor industry in West Hawaii.  Read more on the various projects.


Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies logo

The Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT) has organized public/private partnerships between the federal government and private industry to develop advanced low emission and zero emission vehicles centered on electric drive technologies.