Regulatory Assistant

Duties Summary:

The position provides the technical, analytical, coordination, administration and organizational functional capabilities.

The position is located in the Hawai‘i State Energy Office (HSEO), an attached agency of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT), and supports HSEO’s mission to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation to help achieve a resilient clean energy economy. 

Job Responsibilities: Performs a wide range of functions related to HSEO regulatory, legislative, government affairs, and special project activities. This includes analysis, support, and coordination of regulatory, legislative, government affairs, and special project functions with internal and external entities and resources to ensure timely, accurate, consistent, and complete regulatory and legislative filings. Government affairs includes the state legislature and applicable state agencies and departments, city and county elected officials and key agency and department personnel, and the congressional delegation and key federal agencies and departments to achieve state energy policy objectives.

This position also ensures state energy policies and regulations align with the state strategic goals and are data-driven. This may include rule drafting and revision such as for solar water heater variances; docketed matters; relevant Federal, State, and County laws and regulations; and proper review, documentation, formatting, and filing policies in regulatory, legislative and special project proceedings.

The position supports the energy assurance and emergency preparedness functions of HSEO and other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Knowledge: The employee is expected to have the requisite level of knowledge and expertise in renewable energy; federal, state, and county review, permitting, and approval processes; government operations; and project management; necessary to carry out the duties of the position.

Skills/Abilities: The employee is expected to be a quick learner with excellent oral and written communication skills to become knowledgeable about and helpful with energy, climate change, and decarbonization related government regulations and legislation and the regulatory and legislative process; able to effectively and appropriately respond to issues that arise; to be highly organized and reliable; and to work well with others, both as a team member and, when appropriate, as a team leader. The employee is expected to be able to work independently, with other staff members and in a group setting; to plan, organize, develop, and conduct themselves to effectively carryout their responsibilities; recognize problems, developments, and regulatory and legislative issues in a timely fashion  in order to analyze and interpret their significance to provide appropriate support;  assemble and analyze information from federal, state, and county agencies necessary to carry out position responsibilities; effectively facilitate and engage internal and external stakeholder communications and meetings. The employee should demonstrate a genuine curiosity and eagerness to learn and grow in the position.

Education: The minimum level of education needed for the position is graduation from an accredited 4-year college or university with a bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, marketing, social or political science, economics, finance, communications, or natural sciences, including but not limited to data science, engineering, environmental science, finance, or information technology.

General Experience:  Two years of professional administrative, legal, project management, environmental, or regulatory experience which demonstrates possession of an understanding of, and proven experience in project facilitation, legislative and/or regulatory issues.

Substitutions Allowed:  Full-time equivalent graduate-level study of business, economics, or engineering may be substituted for the work experience requirement on a year-for-year basis. Other combinations of education and/or experience may be allowed, subject to review and acceptance by the Supervisor.

Citizenship Requirement: The State of Hawaii requires that all persons seeking employment with the government of the State shall be citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens of the United States, or eligible under federal law for unrestricted employment in the United States.

Other Information:

This position is exempt from the civil service and considered temporary in nature. Therefore, if you are appointed to the position, your employment will be considered to be “at will,” which means that you may be discharged from your employment at the prerogative of your department head or designee at any time.

Direct all inquiries regarding this position to: [email protected]

 (Monday –Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (HST)  

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