Financing and Incentives for Renewable Energy Projects

A critical component to any successful project and business venture is the ability to access and utilize capital. Understanding which resources and incentives that are available to you is an important step in this process. Within these pages, you will find:

State of Hawaii and Federal Incentives

Public Funding Resources in Hawaii

Private Funding Resources in Hawaii


Renewable Fuels Production Tax Credit

DBEDT is accepting notifications from renewable fuels producers planning to pursue Hawaii’s new renewable fuels production tax credit (RFPTC).  Taxpayers wishing to claim the credit are required annually to provide written notification to DBEDT of their intent to begin production of renewable fuels. Additionally, they are required to file a notification 30 days before the start of production.  Please see the “Notice of Intent/Notice to Start Production Form” and instructions below.

Notice of Intent/Notice to Start Production Form (Excel)

Starting in 2018 calendar year, to qualify for the RFPTC, taxpayers must produce at least 2.5 billion British thermal units (Btu) of renewable fuels per year. The credit is equal to 20 cents per 76,000 Btu of renewable fuels. The credit is capped annually at $3 million per taxpayer, and $3 million in the aggregate.  Additionally, after a full year of production, Taxpayer must completely fill out and submit to DBEDT the “RFPTC – Independent Third Party Certified Statement” forms. Please reference form instructions on guidance on how to fill out each of the forms.

RFPTC – Independent Third Party Certified Statement 2021 (Excel)

For the complete details of the RFPTC requirements, Taxpayers should review and follow: (1) Hawaii Revised Statutes, 235-110.31 as amended to date; and (2) the Department of Taxation’s Tax Information Release (TIR) No. 2018-03.

Renewable Fuels Production Tax Credit Process/Timeline Graphic
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