Number of Registered EVs in Hawaii
The DBEDT monthly energy report contains data on crude oil prices, average monthly gasoline and diesel prices, barrels of oil imported from foreign countries, fuel consumption, vehicle registration, electricity generation, and data on renewable energy used in electricity generation.  Data are presented by island with state total. Check out the Monthly Energy Trend: Highlights and Summary Tables and the Historical data from January 2006 for EV figures.

EV Charging Stations in Hawaii: Networks, Access and Associated Costs
This link provides information and lists regarding EV charging network providers and manufacturers.

EV Stations Hawaii Mobile App Information
EV Stations Hawaii Web Based Database
The State of Hawaii has launched a mobile application and web based database designed to help drivers locate publicly available EV charging stations statewide. The free EV Stations Hawaii app is available for Apple and Android smartphones and mobile devices. The app’s interactive map will help drivers pinpoint EV charging stations statewide as well as provide detailed information of the station, giving them the confidence that they can recharge while they’re on the road

Free Parking at State Facilities 
State of Hawaii Public Parking Facilities
State of Hawaii Department of Transportation EV Parking

EV FAQs in the State of Hawaii
A list of frequently asked questions on electric vehicles in Hawaii.


Act 164: Working Group – Regarding requests to the board of directors of an association of apartment owners, condominium association, cooperative housing corporation, or planned community association regarding the installation of electric vehicle charging systems
The 2015 Hawaii State Legislature passed Senate Bill No. 1316, Conference Draft 1, which was enacted as Act 164, Session Laws of Hawaii 2015.  Act 164 established a Working Group within the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism, to: (1) Address the installation of EV charging systems at MUDs; (2)Examine the issues regarding requests to MUDs for the installation of EV charging systems; and (3) Report findings and recommendations, including any proposed legislation, to the Legislature.

Hawaii EVolution: Hawaii Powered. Technology Driven.
This report focuses on how Hawaii is forging a new path for island transportation with electric vehicles.

Hawaii EV Ready Guidebook for Commercial EV Charging Station Installations
The EV Ready Guidebook is designed to be a resource for commercial properties interested in installing an EV charging station. The guidebook serves as an introduction for installing and hosting EV charging stations at retail stores, hotels, businesses and multiple-use dwellings (i.e., apartments, townhouses and condominiums), as well as both privately- and publicly-owned parking lots.

Report to the Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance Driving EVs Forward: A Case Study of the Market Introduction and Deployment of the EV in Hawaii
This report focuses on changes being made in Hawaii’s transportation sector, highlighting the steps towards greater adoption of EVs. This report was funded by the United States Department of Energy through the Clean Cities Community Readiness and Planning for Plug In Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure Grant in Partnership with the University of Hawaii Maui College and Maui EV Alliance

Lessons Learned: The Early Adoption of EV Charging Stations  from the Perspective of Oahu’s Commercial Properties
The Hawaii State Energy Office provided technical advice and information pertaining directly to the preparation and editing of Honolulu Clean Cities Coalition recently published report.


 U.S. Department of Energy Resources

EV Handbook for Consumers  Answers basic questions about EVs, including how they operate and are charged, the benefits of owning them, how to maintain them, which type fits your needs, and much more.

EV Handbook for Public Charging Station Hosts Provides information on charging equipment, installation considerations, station design, payment models, and more.

EV Handbook for Electrical Contractors Gives an overview of residential and public charging equipment, installation and inspection processes, site assessment, and worker training opportunities.

EV Handbook for Fleet Managers Provides information on vehicles, maintenance, safety, emissions, charging equipment, and more. The handbook also points fleet managers to a host of resources and information that can help them successfully incorporate EVs into their operations.

EV Handbook for Workplace Charging Hosts Focuses on the needs and interests of employers, helping them to determine whether workplace charging is right for their organization and offering solutions to workplace charging program planning and implementation.

Department of Energy EV Charging Station Locator The Hawaii State Energy Office is working with the US. DOE to continuously update the The Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center’s Alternative Fuels Station Locator. To use this map, select fuel choice (electric), zip code and mile radius.

The data shown on this website is measured and represented as accurately as possible and is subject to change as updates are provided by data sources.