Energy data

Accessible, reliable, high quality data is foundational to
achieving a resilient clean energy decarbonized economy.


The collection, analysis, and open access to quality data is critical to Hawaiʻi’s successful transition to a decarbonized economy.

Data supports the development of equitable and economically viable energy efficiency programs. It is used to monitor and track progress towards state energy and climate goals and objectives.

HSEO’s Energy Data Portal is a shared repository for those data sources and elements that are pertinent to informing, guiding, and monitoring progress towards the State of Hawaiʻi’s clean energy initiatives and goals. 



The Hawaiʻi State Energy Office’s (HSEO) Open Data Portal is a one stop shop for a diverse portfolio of energy related datasets that summarize key energy trends, facts, and figures spanning the topics of renewable energy, energy efficiency, fossil fuel reliance, and transportation. The datasets presented in this platform have been synthesized from a variety of data sources including federal, state, and county agencies, electric power utilities, and national laboratories. HSEO developed novel data analyses, processing pipelines, and algorithms to produce datasets in the portal. As a result, the Open Data portal offers insights and information that is unavailable or difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Basic Interaction

The Open Data Portal allows for datasets to be searched by keyword and browsed by category.

Search terms typed in the search bar will automatically filter the dataset results shown in the results pane below. A “clear” button will automatically appear that, when clicked, will clear the search terms and un-filter the datasets displayed in the results pane.

Clicking on one of the pre-defined categories in the navbar will also filter the datasets displayed in the results pane to only include those in the chosen category. Clicking the same navbar button a second time will de-activate it and un-filter the datasets displayed in the results pane.

dataset interaction and exploration

Each dataset is presented as an interactive chart that can be hovered over to focus on specific details. Clicking the “Get the data” link at the bottom of the chart will download what is in many cases a small sample of the full dataset.

To view, download, and interact with the full dataset, click the dataset title to bring up a pop-up window that contains a link to download the full data file. The “Overview” tab displays a larger resolution version of the interactive chart, as well as a link to download the full dataset in .csv format, a description of the dataset, and timestamp that shows the date/time that the package file was generated by the backend data lake infrastructure. The “Metadata” tab displays a table that describes the “schema” or the columns in the dataset, including their names, data types and semantic descriptions of the information that they contain. This tab also provides a list of the original sources of the data, including links and descriptive summaries to allow users to learn more about where each dataset came from.  Finally, the “Browse Data” tab displays an interactive data preview table that allows the full dataset to be scrolled through and viewed prior to downloading the .csv file from the “Overview” tab.

About HSEO’s energy data strategy

As part of HSEO’s overarching Data Strategy, the Energy Data Portal is architected and hosted on modern cloud infrastructure, and employs best practices related to data storage efficiency, security, always on accessibility, documentation, analytics, and visualization capacity.

HSEO’s modern, cloud-based approach to leveraging data eases the ingestion and gathering new data – regardless of particulars such as different file formats and schemas that the data might originally be in – while simultaneously providing a self-service analytics platform that enables that data to be transformed, cleaned, manipulated, and rendered actionable for downstream reporting.

HSEO’s cloud data infrastructure also serves as a governance tool, enabling HSEO to automate governance processes relating to data life-cycle management, access control, data quality assurance, and meta-data management, as deemed pertinent on a per dataset basis.

Finally, this cloud infrastructure serves as the back-end substrate, powering both the Energy Data Portal, as well as a suite of other data products, so that stakeholders and interested citizens can view, interact with, engage, and become educated about Hawaiʻi’s energy landscape and the state’s progress towards clean energy goals and targets.

The HSEO Energy Data Portal project is in direct alignment with the directives and statutory requirements spelled out in HRS §196-72, which stipulates that HSEO’s Chief Energy Officer shall: 

“Develop and maintain a comprehensive and systematic quantitative and qualitative capacity to analyze the status of energy resources, systems, and markets, both in-state and in other states and countries…” 


“Act as the State’s energy data clearinghouse by identifying, collecting, compiling, analyzing, publishing, and where possible, monetizing energy and clean transportation data and analyses” 


“Advocate for the State’s energy and decarbonization goals at relevant venues and departments…to ensure that state energy policies and regulations align with the state strategic goals and are data-driven”