Hawai‘i’s overall goal for energy efficiency is to reduce electricity consumption by 4,300 gigawatt-hours by 2030. To meet this goal, the state will continue to align the efficiency regulatory policy framework with clean energy goals; support the retrofitting of existing residential and commercial buildings; strengthen new construction policies and building codes; and identify non-building related energy efficiency measures.

Looking ahead, there are vast opportunities for new gains in energy efficiency. Hawai‘i aims to maximize efficiency through technology, building practices, retrofits, and consumer behavioral change.


Whether you are looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency or investing in your business to reduce energy costs, the Hawai‘i State Energy Office has you covered. The expert staff has compiled a list of materials and resources to help all sectors reduce electricity consumption through energy efficient products and residential and commercial rebates and incentives.


Energy Performance Contracting

Energy performance contracting is an agreement between a building owner (or facilities manager) and a private energy services company that future operational cost savings (such as for annual electricity, water, sewer, or solid waste charges, as well as equipment maintenance service contracts) can be used to pay for the entire cost of a building’s energy and water efficiency retrofits.

Hawai‘i Energy Building Code + IECC Updates

The Hawai‘i State Energy Office chairs and is a voting member of the State Building Code Council, which was established by statute to update, adopt, and amend building codes. This includes the latest fire code as adopted by the State Fire Council, the latest edition of the International Building Code, the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code, the International Residential Code, and the International Existing Building Code, all administered by the International Codes Council.

Hawai‘i Green Business Program

The Hawai‘i Green Business Program (HGBP) assists and recognizes businesses, organizations, and events that strive to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and is a partnership among Hawai‘i’s Department of Health, the Hawai‘i State Energy Office, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply and the Hawai‘i Lodging and Tourism Association. There are over 100 businesses and organizations that have been recognized under the Hawai‘i Green Business Program. For more information, please see the HGBP website.


Our state energy policy is rooted in one principle: a commitment to maximize the deployment of cost-effective investments in clean energy production and management for the purpose of promoting Hawai‘i’s energy security.


After January 1, 2010, any new single-family dwelling built in Hawai‘i is required to have a solar water heater. Find more information about requesting a solar water heater variance.