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Energy Education

The Hawaiʻi State Energy Office supports clean energy education as a continuum targeting K-12, and community college through university teachers and students, to prepare local communities and residents for energy and green careers, as well as providing continuing education and training opportunities to create, recruit, and train clean energy ambassadors.

Workforce Development

The Hawai‘i State Energy Office leads the clean energy and skilled trades sector under Good Jobs Hawaiʻi (GJHI), which includes convening stakeholders through the Clean Energy Sector Partnership to facilitate the development of workforce education and training programs, pre-job experience, and job placement.

Clean Energy Wayfinders

The Hawai‘i State Energy Office’s Clean Energy Wayfinders program’s mission is to advance Hawai‘i’s clean energy goals through addressing energy inequities in vulnerable communities while creating jobs that launch a new generation of clean energy leaders.

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The Hawai‘i State Energy Office’s upcoming events, workshops, conventions, and public engagement opportunities.

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