In 2015, Hawai‘i enacted a law that requires electric utility companies to sell only renewable energy to their customers by 2045 (Act 97) — the first such mandate in the United States.

the first steps in implementing a utility-scale renewable energy project

Although each utility is different, typically the process begins with issuing a request for proposals (RFP) asking developers to submit bids to build a project and sell the energy to the utility. Developers scope out locations and develop cost estimates that conform to the utility’s requirements. The process is reviewed by the Public Utilities Commission through a quasi-judicial public forum. Selected bidders must sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that is reviewed in another public process prior to approval.

The Hawai‘i State Energy Office encourages developers, communities, and affected residents to begin working with each other when projects are in the early scoping phase rather than after a PPA has been executed. This allows communities and residents to contribute meaningfully to all aspects of the project’s development and gives developers the information they need to submit a successful bid and keep their project on schedule. This website provides communities and residents with the information they need to engage in the process and opportunities for public input.


Hawaiian Electric and Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC). Hawaiian Electric is a shareholder-owned public utility serving Hawai‘i Island, Lāna‘i, Maui, Moloka‘i, and O‘ahu. KIUC is a member-owned utility cooperative. Each island operates as an independent electric grid. Both utility companies are regulated by the Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The public can access PUC filings related to individual projects and proceedings through the PUC’s online Document Management System provided users have the Docket Number of interest. Individual docket numbers can be found through the PUC homepage or through PUC’s Annual Reports to the Hawai‘i State Legislature.

Hawai‘i’s fossil fuel power plants have provided electricity to Hawai‘i residents for decades, but they are old, inefficient, and rely on internationally-sourced imported fuels subject to volatile energy markets. Hawaiian Electric and KIUC need a variety of renewable energy projects to replace these plants.

Each new utility-scale renewable energy project must be submitted to the PUC for review and decision. Some of these projects have been approved by the PUC, others are currently under review. An individual PUC docket has been created for each utility-scale renewable energy project listed on this website.


Hawaiian Electric is seeking new renewable energy solutions to displace the aging fossil fuel power plants that currently serve its customers. The 180-megawatt coal plant at Campbell Industrial Park on O‘ahu closed on September 1, 2022 – representing a step forward in the transition to renewable energy. It was the state’s only coal-powered power plant and provides approximately 16% of Oahu’s electrical energy during peak demand. By the end of 2024, the 38-MW oil-fired Kahului Power Plant, owned and operated by Hawaiian Electric, is scheduled to close. It provides approximately 15% of Maui Island’s 24/7 power generation capacity. In addition, Hawaiian Electric plans to retire its Wai‘au 3 and 4 generators on O‘ahu, totaling 93 MW, by 2024.

Hawaiian Electric is required by the PUC to competitively bid for the new renewable energy power production it intends to buy and sell to its customers. In February 2018 and August 2019, Hawaiian Electric issued Stage 1 and Stage 2 competitive solicitations for new renewable energy generation projects on O‘ahu, Maui, and Hawai‘i Island. Stage 1 produced eight utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) plus storage projects. In August 2019, Hawaiian Electric issued Stage 2 of its competitive solicitation for new renewable energy generation and stand-alone energy storage projects on O‘ahu, Maui, and Hawai‘i Island. Stage 2 produced to date nine utility-scale solar PV plus storage projects and three utility-scale stand-alone storage projects.

On January 21, 2021, the Commission provided the Companies guidance to develop a Stage 3 RFP specifically for Hawai‘i Island. The Commission intends that this will be an “all-source” procurement, based upon an updated assessment of grid needs for the island. In compliance with that guidance, the Companies are proceeding with work on a Stage 3 RFP draft for Hawai‘i Island. More information on the Stage 3 RFP can be found on Hawaiian Electric’s webpage.

Hawaii Ocean


KIUC is in the planning stages for a solar + pumped-storage hydropower project planned in the Waimea District of Kauai. As proposed, the project would provide 18%-24% of Kauai’s electric utility needs including long duration storage. The long duration storage capacity (approximately 12 hours) will allow the island to run on 100 percent renewable energy for prolonged periods without sunlight and provide additional grid stability.

Hawai‘i State Energy Office’s Comment on the Draft Environmental Assessment published in August 2021 for the West Kauai Energy Project.

KIUC projects are not subject to competitive procurement; however, projects seeking any power purchase agreement require approval from the PUC.

Utility Scale Project Development Process General Summary

The figure shows the general process for a project moving through the competitive bidding framework. It is important to note that the PUC approves both the utilities’ request for proposals (RFP), the guiding document for project selection, as well as the individual project PPAs. Projects that do not go through formal competitive bids generally start the process at step four.

The PUC docket process is in open forum that allows for public comment at any time in the proceeding. In addition, each project must obtain the requisite federal, state, and county permits and approvals, many of which offer opportunity for public comment. HSEO’s Hawai‘i Statewide Energy Projects Directory and Hawaiian Electric’s Renewable Project Status Board provide additional information on these projects and other utility-scale projects now under development or construction, approved by the PUC, or awaiting PUC approval.


HSEO posts public input opportunities for each project as they are announced. Please contact HSEO if you would like an outreach event about a particular project to be added.

Hawaiian Electric Stage 3 Request for Proposals Underway

The Hawaiian Electric Companies have filed RFPs with the Public Utilities Commission in Docket 2017-0352. The requests seek proposals on Hawaii Island, Maui, and Oahu. More information is available on Hawaiian Electric’s Competitive Bidding Webpage. The RFP for Oahu and Maui are combined. Hawaii Island has been approved by the PUC with conditions.


Project information will be updated as information becomes publicly available.

Project NameIslandLocationDeveloperCapacity (Megawatts, Megawatt-hours Alternating Current)Utility’s Renewable Energy (%)Project StatusEstimated Completion DateZip CodeTax Map Key(s)PPA Price ($/kWh)PUC DocketInformation Links
Waiawa Solar PowerOahuPearl CityClearway Energy Group36 MW+ 144 MWh Storage1.2PUC Approved; ConstructingDecember 202296797(1)9-6-004:0240.0959257272018-0435
AES West Oʻahu SolarOahuKapoleiAES12.5 MW + 50 MWh Storage0.4PUC Approved; Constructing and PermittingJune 20, 202396707(1)9-2-002:0070.1153185482019-0050AES West Oʻahu Solar
AES Mountain View SolarOahuWaiʻanaeAES7 MW + 35 MWh Storage0.3PUC Approved; PermittingJanuary 202496792(1)8-5-003:031
0.1303770242020-0139AES Mountain View Solar
Ho’ohana Solar 1OahuKunia174 Power Global, Hanwha Energy USA52 MW + 208 MWh Storage 1.4PUC Approved; Constructing and PermittingOctober 202496797(1)9-4-002:0520.0988582018-0431
Waiawa Phase 2 SolarOahuPearl City, Waipio VillageAES30 MW + 240 MWh Storage1.2PUC Approved; PermittingMay 202496797(1)9-6-004:024
0.1241972020-0137Waiawa Phase 2 Solar
Kupono SolarOahuWest Loch Pearl HarborAmeresco and Bright Canyon Energy42MW + 168 MWh Storage0.85PUC Approved; Constructing and Permitting April 202496706(1) 9-1-010-122
(1) 9-1-010-011
(1) 9-1-001-031
0.1237992022-0007Kupono Solar
Maui Nui
Paeahu SolarMauiWaileaInnergex Renewable Energy15 MW + 60 MWh Storage0.5PUC Approved; PermittingTBA – Pending Litigation at County96790(2)2-1-008:0010.1168452018-0433Paeahu Solar
AES Kuihelani SolarMauiWaikapuAES60 MW + 240 MWh Storage1.9PUC Approved; PermittingOctober 27, 2023N/A(2)3-8-005:002
0.0777942018-0436AES Kuihelani Solar
Kamaole SolarMauiKiheiKamaole Solar LLC (Potentia Renewables)40 MWac + 160 MWh Storage 1.4PUC Approved, PermittingDecember 202496753(2)2-2-002:001
0.1355202021-0026Kamaole Solar
Hawai‘i Island
AES Waikoloa SolarHawai’iWaikoloaAES30 MW + 120 MWh Storage0.8PUC Approved; ConstructingApril 21, 202396743(3)6-8-002:0500.0794552018-0430AES Waikoloa Solar
Hale Kuawehi SolarHawai’iWaimeaInnergex Renewable Energy, Paniolo Power30 MW + 120 MWh Storage0.8PUC Approved; ConstructingJune 1, 202396743(3)6-7-001:0250.0873992018-0432Hale Kuawehi Solar
West Kaua‘i Energy ProjectKauaiKekahaAES and KIUC35 MW + 1500 MWh Storage22.7PUC Approved; Undergoing Environmental ReviewTBD96752Multiple, See DirectoryVaries2020-0218West Kauai Energy Project


Project NameIslandLocationDeveloperEnergy Storage Capacity (Megawatts, Megawatt-hours)
Utility’s Renewable Energy (%)Project StatusEstimated Completion DateZip CodeTax Map KeyPUC DocketInformation Links
Kapolei Energy StorageOahuKapoleiPlus Power185 MW / 565 MWh0.1PUC Approved; ConstructingJune 202396707(1)9-1-014:0422020-0136Kapolei Energy Storage
Keahole Battery Energy StorageHawai‘iKailua-KonaHawaiian Electric Company, Inc.12 MW / 12 MWh (1 hr) N/AUnder PUC ReviewTBD96740(3)7-3-049:0362020-0127Keahole Project Summary
HE Self-Build Projects
Waena Battery Energy StorageMauiKahuluiHawaiian Electric Company, Inc.40 MW / 160 MWh (4 hr) 0.2Under PUC ReviewTBDN/A(2)3-8-003:023 2020-0132Waena Project Summary
HE Self-Build Projects

Project information will be updated as information becomes publicly available.