Developer & Investor Center

Welcome to the Hawaii State Energy Office’s Developer & Investor Center

National and international developers and investors are discovering that Hawaii is the ideal laboratory for the development of clean energy technologies.

With an eye toward economic growth and diversification, Hawaii has taken important steps to encourage high-impact, clean energy solutions that encourage innovative economic development.

The Developer & Investor Center is designed to provide prospective developers and investors the resources for starting a clean energy venture in Hawaii.


Renewable Fuels Production Tax Credit

DBEDT is now accepting notifications from renewable fuels producers planning to pursue Hawaii’s new renewable fuels production tax credit.  Taxpayers wishing to claim the credit are required to provide written notification to DBEDT of their intent to begin production of renewable fuels. Additionally, they are required to file a notification 30 days before the start of production.

To qualify for the credit taxpayers must produce at least 15 billion British thermal units (Btu) of renewable fuels per year. The credit is equal to 20 cents per 76,000 Btu of renewable fuels. The credit is capped annually at $3 million per taxpayer, and $3 million in the aggregate.  For a full listing of renewable fuels tax credit requirements taxpayers should review Act 202 (16) of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Notice of Intent/Notice to Start Production Form and Instructions (PDF)


Self-Help Energy Suite

Renewable EnerGIS Map
This tool provides renewable energy resource and site information for specific Hawaii locations.  It is intended to help landowners, developers, and policy makers understand the renewable energy potential of sites statewide.

Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard
The Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard tool was developed to help those proposing renewable energy projects understand the county, state, and federal permits that may be required for their individual project. This tool works for projects ranging in size from residential solar installations to large utility-scale facilities.

Hawaii Renewable Energy Projects Directory
The islands of Hawaii have abundant natural resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, and hydropower. These precious resources could potentially meet a substantial portion of Hawaii’s energy needs. Use this interactive directory to find and learn about renewable energy projects in Hawaii.


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