Beneficiary Mitigation Plan and Funding Requests

Hawaii’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan 

Hawaii’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan describes the project categories that will be funded from the state’s allocation of the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust. Hawaii’s Beneficiary Mitigation Plan was submitted to Wilmington Trust by the Hawaii State Energy Office on January 9, 2019 and approved by the Trustee on March 1, 2019.

View the Plan (PDF)


Funding Requests

The following are the Appendix D-4 Beneficiary Eligible Mitigation Action Certifications that have been submitted by the Hawaii State Energy Office on behalf of the State of Hawaii and approved by Wilmington Trust. These funding requests have been sorted by the category of Eligible Mitigation Action and date of when they were submitted to the Trustee.

State of Hawaii Funding Request 1_DERA FY1718 Transit Bus Replacement (PDF)

State Of Hawaii Funding Request 2_DERA FY19 Vehicle Assistance Program (PDF)

State of Hawaii Funding Request 3_ZEV Light Duty Charging Infrastructure (PDF)


Semi-Annual Reports

As a Beneficiary of the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust, Hawaii shall submit to the Trustee a semiannual report no later than January 30 and July 30 of each year. The report shall describe progress of implementing each Eligible Mitigation Action for the six-month period leading up to the reporting date.

Hawaii Semi-Annual Report (period: Jan 2020-June 2020)

Hawaii Semi-Annual Report (period: Jul 2019 – Dec 2019)



For comments or questions about the Volkswagen Settlement, please contact the Hawaii State Energy Office at dbedt.vwsettlemen[email protected]