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Hawaii State Energy Office: Leading the Way to Energy Independence

With the state’s goal to reach 100 percent renewable energy generation by 2045, the Hawaii State Energy Office (HSEO) is leading the state’s charge toward clean energy independence. HSEO is committed to developing and deploying high impact solutions that will maximize Hawaii’s renewable energy resources and improve efficiency and transportation standards. Through effective policies and innovative programs, HSEO has positioned Hawaii as a leader in clean energy innovation, which will generate quality jobs, attract investment opportunities and accelerate economic growth.

Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future (PDF)


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Our Clean Energy Vision

The Hawaii State Energy Office’s (HSEO) mission is to maximize Hawaii’s energy self-sufficiency and security by developing and utilizing local energy resources in a balanced way.  In doing so, HSEO will guide our state toward the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative goals to achieve 100 percent renewable energy in the electricity sector by 2045, reduce electricity consumption by 4,300 gigawatt-hours by 2030, and reduce petroleum use in transportation. To this end, HSEO works toward the deployment of clean energy infrastructure and serves as a catalyst for energy innovation and test bed investments. By achieving these goals, HSEO will grow the clean energy sector and transform Hawaii’s economy.


Energy Policy Directives

HSEO is committed to maximizing the deployment of cost effective investments in clean energy production and management for the purpose of growing the economy while promoting Hawaii’s energy security. To do this, HSEO has established a five-point policy directive, rooted in its vision for a clean energy economy.

  1. Diversify our energy portfolio
  2. Connecting and modernizing our grids
  3. Balancing technical, economic, environmental and cultural considerations
  4. Leverage our position as an innovation test bed
  5. Creating an efficient marketplace that benefits producers and consumers


New Way Forward

Hawaii has been a pioneer in energy policy, showing its leadership with the enactment of a law calling for Hawaii utilities to generate 100 percent of their electricity sales from renewable sources by 2045.  Setting the bar high sends a message that Hawaii is committed to a future in which its energy needs are served primarily by indigenous, renewable resources.  Ending Hawaii’s dubious distinction of being the most oil dependent state in the country will result in greater energy, environmental and economic security for the state.  Having a 100 percent renewable energy target for the electricity sector may seem lofty.  But it is important to have goals that are aspirational, yet in touch with reality.  The new 100 percent renewable portfolio standard (RPS) strikes this balance. The innovations transforming Hawaii‘s energy sector are solidifying its reputation as ground zero for next-generation energy issues.


Meet the Hawaii State Energy Office Program Managers

Veronica Rocha, Renewable Energy Program Manager

Merissa Sakuda, Clean Energy Solutions Program Manager

Carilyn Shon, Energy Efficiency Program Manager

Chris Yunker, Energy Systems and Planning Program Manager


For more information about the Hawaii State Energy Office, please contact:
Kathy Yim


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