Project Permitting Assistance and Resources

Renewable Energy Project Permitting in Hawaii – Guide and Packets
The Guide to Renewable Energy Facility Permits in the State of Hawaii and attached Permit Packets provide information on requirements for renewable energy facilities in Hawaii.

Renewable Energy Permitting Consultants
The Hawaii State Energy Office highly recommends retaining advisers familiar with Hawaii’s nuanced regulations and processes.  This list includes some of these advisers.

Department of Health e-Permitting Portal
e-Permitting provides online processing for Hawaii Department of Health permits and approvals.

Important Notice: These resources are for informational purposes only and cannot be relied upon to determine regulatory compliance for any project.   


Self-Help Energy Suite

Renewable EnerGIS Map
This tool provides renewable energy resource and site information for specific Hawaii locations.  It is intended to help landowners, developers, and policy makers understand the renewable energy potential of sites statewide.

Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard
The Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard tool was developed to help those proposing renewable energy projects understand the county, state, and federal permits that may be required for their individual project. This tool works for projects ranging in size from residential solar installations to large utility-scale facilities.

Hawaii Renewable Energy Projects Directory
The islands of Hawaii have abundant natural resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, and hydropower. These precious resources could potentially meet a substantial portion of Hawaii’s energy needs. Use this interactive directory to find and learn about renewable energy projects in Hawaii.


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