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Complying with the Energy Code – 2018 IECC with Hawaii Amendments

December 9, 2021 (12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. HST)

A new energy code takes effect for Hawaii State building projects on December 14 and for other projects no later than December 2022 depending on adoption by the Counties. This free webinar will provide guidance on the compliance process and focus on “how to” energy code compliance questions such as: How do I figure out if the energy code applies to my project? How do I determine the compliance options and requirements? What information is required on the plans? Guidance will be provided for a range of project types, including both new construction and alteration projects and will include common State project types.

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Webinars are presented by the Hawaii State Energy Office, and architects, engineers, project managers, county planning and permitting staff, developers and contractors are encouraged to attend. The presenters are Howard Wiig, Energy Analyst with the Hawaii State Energy Office and Chair of the State Building Code Council and Erik Kolderup, building energy consultant and energy code specialist.


The Hawaii State Energy Office chairs and is a voting member of the State Building Code Council, which was established by statute to update, adopt, and amend building codes.  The following links will provide you with valuable information and resources on the state building energy code.

2015 IECC Update

Pre-2015 IECC Update

Support Information

Building Code Training and Training Material

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Hawaii State Energy Office contact for energy code issues: Howard Wiig, [email protected]