For Immediate Release: November 19, 2009

HONOLULU – Governor Linda Lingle has released $3,060,430 for energy efficiency and air conditioning improvements at state health centers and other Department of Health facilities statewide.

The six projects that will be funded include:

Diamond Head Health Center – $1,098,000 will be used to continue air conditioning improvements at Diamond Head Health Center. The project involves the design and construction for replacement of some air handlers and fan coil units and other related improvements at the center.

Wailuku Health Center – $268,000 is allotted for the design and construction of air conditioning improvements at the Wailuku Health Center. The center’s original design, which was completed in 1967, utilized natural ventilation with louvered windows. The new air conditioning system will ensure compliance with the Federal Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act, which requires that doors be kept shut and ground-level windows covered with curtains or blinds for the privacy of clients.

Lanakila Health Center – $584,000 will be used for air conditioning improvements at the Lanakila Health Center on Oahu. Because the center houses a tuberculosis clinic and TB is an airborne disease, it is essential that the air conditioning and ventilation systems in the clinic perform at optimum levels for the health of staff and clients.

Department of Health Facilities – $425,000 in design and construction funds will be used to finance energy efficiency improvements at Department of Health buildings and facilities statewide. The improvements include retrofitting light fixtures with energy efficient lamps and ballasts that will enable the DOH to realize higher energy savings on its electric bills.

Kamauleule Building (DOH Laboratory) – $333,000 will be used to finance electrical system upgrades and energy efficiency improvements at the Department of Health Laboratory in Pearl City. The project includes retrofitting light fixtures with energy efficient lamps and ballasts, rewiring for the emergency generator and other related improvements.

Wahiawa Civic Center, Public Health Nursing Office – $352,430 will be used for energy efficiency and air conditioning improvements at the Public Health Nursing Office in the Wahiawa Civic Center. The improvements include electrical system upgrades, retrofitting light fixtures, and installing new air conditioning units.

The energy efficiency improvements are part of the Lingle-Aiona Administration’s continuing efforts to make state office buildings and facilities more energy efficient in order to reduce electricity costs and decrease Hawaii’s dependence on imported fossil fuels. The effort supports the Governor’s Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, which aims to have 70 percent of Hawaii’s energy come from clean sources by the year 2030, including 40 percent from renewable energy and 30 percent through energy conservation measures.


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