A critical component to any successful project and business venture is the ability to access and utilize capital. Understanding which resources and incentives that are available to you is an important step in this process.

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State of Hawaiʻi and Federal Incentives

This webpage offers examples of the variety of local, state, and federal incentives designed to encourage the growth and proliferation of renewable energy technologies. 

Public Funding Resources in Hawaiʻi

Finding capital in the early development phase of the business cycle is a challenging endeavor in any economy. Identifying and pursuing state and federal grant opportunities can be an excellent source of funding. 

Private Funding Resources in Hawaiʻi

There are different avenues of financing available to renewable energy companies that can be pursued depending on the development stage of your project, including conventional lending institutions, to private equity and venture capital firms.

Renewable Energy
Permitting Wizard

Although not financial in nature, Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard tool may be useful to land-owners, community members, and project investors to appropriately site projects to minimize potential impacts, costs, conflicts, delays, and expense by illustrating the types of county, state, and federal permits that may be required for an individual project.