Renewable EnerGIS supports the siting of renewable energy projects by providing information on specific Hawai‘i parcels to help inform the site assessment process, including renewable energy resource indicators, climate, topography, zoning, and other relevant site characteristics.

This tool also empowers users to query sites in Hawai‘i with certain attributes that may or may not be desired for development such as island, acreage, solar radiation, land use district, soil type(s), potential warm groundwater, and/or the presence of critical habitat(s), special management area(s), and reserve(s). Renewable EnerGIS benefits a broad audience by providing information that can be used by landowners, developers, communities, individuals, regulatory entities, policymakers, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders. No special skills, software, or experience with geographic information systems (GIS) are needed.


There are no expressed or implied warranties associated with the release, use, or interpretation of the data or information provided by Renewable EnerGIS. Specifically, no warranty is made that the GIS data or any subsequent updates will be error free and no warranty is made regarding the positional or thematic accuracy of the GIS data or information. The GIS data, information, and any features it depicts do not represent or confer any legal rights, privileges, benefits, boundaries or claims of any kind. Utilization of EnerGIS demonstrates understanding and acceptance of these terms by Renewable EnerGIS users. In most cases, the data presented in these maps are calculated estimates, as measurements for specific sites are very limited and may not be accurately reflected in these maps. Site surveys and initial due diligence are required to determine actual site attributes.

Energy Performance Contracting


The information presented by Renewable EnerGIS is based on available data in public GIS files, also known as “layers.” The data layers are updated periodically but be aware that data shown on these maps may not be current. The GIS layers used in EnerGIS are available for users who have the appropriate software (e.g., ArcView) and experience.


Department of Defense (DoD) in Hawai‘i requests early consultation on plans for renewable energy and associated energy infrastructure projects to jointly analyze and mitigate impacts to current and future military training, testing, and readiness including, but not limited to, Military Operating Areas (MOAs), Military Training Routes (MTRs), air space, radar surveillance, coastal, ground access, and ocean use when making any land use decisions regarding renewable energy. The DoD must also fulfill requirements found in Title 10 United States Code (USC) and the current National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).