For Immediate Release: November 19, 2013

HONOLULU — The Hawaii Refinery Task Force has submitted its Interim Report to Gov. Neil Abercrombie, assessing the impacts of potential refinery closures on Hawaii’s energy system and analyzing options for assuring the state’s energy security.

Prepared by consultant ICF International with input from task force members, the Interim Report found:
• Hawaii’s two refineries face significant economic challenges, driven by decreasing demand and the state’s desire for cleaner sources of energy, and one or both refineries are likely to close by 2020.
• To help ensure the stability of fuel supply and prices, critical infrastructure assets associated with the refineries must remain operational during this period of transition, even if the refineries must close.
• Over the long term, Hawaii’s progress in increasing energy efficiency and renewable generation has the potential to reduce fossil fuel needs for power generation by as much as 50 percent by 2020, thereby replacing a significant portion of refinery fuel oil supply.
• Finally, the transition to Hawaii’s clean energy ecosystem will take time, and the transition period must be managed carefully to ensure stability of supply and prices.

“The work of the task force is critical to enabling the state to bridge the period to a new energy ecosystem and helping to ensure stable refinery supply during the transition,” said Richard Lim, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism Director, who oversees the task force. “This joint effort of public and private parties demonstrates a cohesive collaboration in addressing current and future challenges to Hawaii’s fuels ecosystem.”

On Nov. 12, the task force met at its third of four scheduled meetings to adopt the Interim Report, which can be viewed on the Hawaii State Energy Office’s website at energy.hawaii.gov (in the EnergyBUZZ and Publication sections). The task force will convene in early 2014 to review the Final Report, which must be submitted to the Governor by the last day of the 2014 State Legislative Session.

Gov. Abercrombie established the task force in February 2013 by Executive Order to assess the impacts to changes in Hawaii’s refining capacity and to advise him on Hawaii’s future fuels ecosystem.


For more information, contact:

Noreen Kam
Communications Officer
DBEDT’s State Energy Office
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