Energy Assurance and Security in Hawaii

The Hawaii State Energy Office (HSEO) leads the state government’s effort to ensure a secure and reliable energy infrastructure in the contemporary energy environment. As the designated agency for energy, HSEO works closely with many government and industry emergency management and security partners to lower vulnerabilities, deter threats, minimize the consequences of energy disruptions, and enhance recovery of Hawaii’s energy systems.

What is Energy Assurance?

These videos by the National Association of State Energy Officials give a comprehensive overview of energy assurance from the federal, state and local perspective.

Views on Energy Assurance (video)

Importance of Energy Assurance Planning (video)

Hawaii’s Energy Assurance Program

Hawaii’s Energy Assurance Program provides organizational and planning support for energy emergency management.  The program aims to facilitate the rapid restoration of Hawaii’s energy systems and mitigate the impact of energy shortages.

On a daily basis HSEO’s Energy Assurance Program staff track natural and man-made energy disruption events and homeland security related incidents which could impact Hawaii’s energy supply and delivery. Energy assurance involves both responding to energy supply disruptions and, in the long term, working to enhance the resiliency of Hawaii’s energy systems, resources, and markets.

Energy Assurance Program, Hawaii State Energy Office (PDF)

Be prepared!  Here are some important tips:

Individuals and Family

  1. Make an emergency plan.  Visit or the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.
  2. Build an Emergency Supply Kit.
  3. Have a communication plan.
  4. Stay Informed with emergency alerts.
  5. Learn about Hawaii’s natural hazards.
  6. Follow safety tips for electricity, gas/propane and gasoline.


Work site

  1. At your work site, become familiar with your building’s Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  2. Practice Security – Locks & Keys, Passwords, and “If you see something, say something.”
  3. Get involved with your company’s Business Continuity planning team.


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